Strike a pose week at Ipswich Doggy Daycare Creche 

Thank you to Clare and the team for all their help whilst I was at creche .

Here are the images  from Strike a Pose week , they can be ordered as prints , keyrings  and cards.

If you wish to pay by a method other than Paypal please don't hesitate to get in touch , I can take cash, cheque and bank transfer aswell.

If you would prefer orders to be dropped at creche I am happy to do this, please let me know otherwise everything will be posted via Royal  Mail . 

If you require monochrome images or have any special requests please get in touch and I will do my best to accommodate you .

Please click the £ sign at the bottom of the page to order or go to  the Order Event Images page via the extended menu .

Some of the dogs have more processed images than others , this is purely because each dog reacted differently to being in the studio environment , those that were enjoying themselves stayed longer than those who were not keen , whilst it was important to capture images this was not done at the detriment of the animals well being, which at all  times came first.


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Album 1

Luna Staff.  Norman Vizla.  Bowie Daxie. Doris lab.  Willow and Amber Doodle. Bailey Spaniel. Cooper Cocker. Luka and Eddy. Harry Cocker.  Lilly Melba. Olive